Mission San Luis Rey De Francia

People and Daily Life

 California natives made leather products, made wine and olive oil, harvested crops, fruits, and vegtable gardens, made soap and candles. Spanish soliders protected Spanish from native american attacks. Spanish missionaries taught native americans Christan beleifs. First bells rung, then everyone rushes to the church. The neophytes went to classes, and then they ate breakfeast . Later they had lunch, followed by a seista. Then they went back to work. At last they went to sleep. They had gardens, where they grew vegtables to eat. Since  the first pepper tree was in their courtyard, they took the peppercorns  and dried them. Once they were dry, they would ground them. After they grounded them, they would have made seasoning. The type of indians living on the coastal region and in San Luis Rey De Francia were Luiseno indians. They adapted to the mission by living there and getting used to mission life. After long times, they would get sick and die.  So after they died, the the mission workers would bury them in their cemetary.